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Generic Theo-24 Cr (Theophylline )
Get online meds like Theo-24 Cr online with 400mg. Buy Theo-24 Cr containing Theophylline with fast delivery no prescription. Theo-24 Cr operates relaxing muscles in lungs, reduces bronchospasm. It's used to cure asthma and chronic bronchitis.
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Your Body Snatchers has generated an incredible new medication known as"Theo-24 Cr". The medication is just one of the most recent strategies to fight baldness and several are stating that it functions like no other medication they've used previously. It has a number of attributes, and a few can observe the negative effects as with little effect. By way of instance, you are able to take Theo-24 Cr on line, however the very well known and many preferred means to choose Theo-24 Cr would be to buy it in a local drugstore in your region. But if you cannot do this then it's also accessible online.

Your Body Snatchers is that the manufacturers of Theo-24 Cr, therefore that I am positive not likely to be let down by what they provide. Their application is straightforward, easy to comprehend, and teaches you ways you can begin losing weight quickly. If you would like to use Your Body Snatchers application, the one thing that you will need to buy is the medication itself. As soon as you've gotten the item, you will get instructions about the best way best to utilize it. You just must follow these directions, and the medication can allow you to get started seeing results.

The Body Snatchers is promoting the medication for decades, plus they have excellent success with all the medication. A lot of individuals are utilizing the app which is included with Theo-24 Cr and so are feeling great outcomes. It's wonderful how easy this program is to utilize, and the fantastic results are reporting.

Theophylline is a chemical cousin of caffeine, that calms nerves in the lungs and lungs, making the lungs less vulnerable to allergens as well as various causes of bronchospasm.

Dosage and management

Take it without food/milk. Tablets must be swallowed whole with glass of plain water, not chewed or crushed. If you're carrying them onto a once-a-day foundation, don't take the dose in the evenings.

The recommended starting dose for adults is a single 150-milligram tablet every 12 hours. The best dose is 600 mg every day.

Dosage for kids 6 to 16 years old can compute depending on the kid 's body burden reduction.

Notice: this education presented here only for inspection. It's 's very crucial to get help from your health care provider prior to using. It helps one to achieve best results.


Usage The-24 with warns in case your medical background contain cardiovascular disorder, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidismand hypertension. Don't brink alcohol when you're taking this medicine. If you're a smoker, then your system will have a tendency to process and eliminate Theo-24 rather fast; consequently, you might want to have more frequent doses than a nonsmoker. Theo-24 shouldn't be used during pregnancy, so getting pregnant or lactating without physician 's advice. Don't use this medicine before breast-feeding with no physician 's advice.


The-24 isn't permitted to folks that are vulnerable to some parts of the drug. Don't take Theo-24 when you've got an active peptic ulcer or a seizure disorder like epilepsy.

Potential side impact

They could incorporate all sorts of an allergic response. Additionally the many potential side effects include:

seizure (convulsions);

worsening of your illness, or signs of fresh sickness;

acute or continuing nausea and vomiting, headache, rapid or irregular heartbeat, and difficulty sleeping (insomnia);

coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds;

continuing fever;

feeling stressed, irritable, anxious, or jittery.

Less severe comprise:

moderate nausea, loss of appetite, weight reduction;

restlessness, tremor, or insomnia;

headache, lightheadedness, or nausea.

Should you experience among them cease using Serevent and inform your physician as soon as possible. Also check with your physician about any side effect that seems odd. Also notice that interaction between two medications doesn't always indicate you have to stop taking them. As usual it impacts the effect of medication, so check with your physician about how exactly it interactions are being managed or should be handled. But don't take if it's too late or nearly time for the next dose. Don't raise your preferred dose. Take your generally dose following day at the exact same frequently time.


Symptoms of Theo-24 might include nausea, nausea, nausea, tremors, irregular heartbeats, alcoholism and insomnia. In the event you encounter among these call your physician immediately. Also seizures brought on by means of a theophylline overdose may lead to death or permanent brain injury. Don't use after expiry duration.


We supply only general details regarding drugs that does not insure all instructions, potential medication integrations, or even precautions. Information in the website cannot be utilized for self-treatment along with self-diagnosis. Any particular instructions for a specific individual ought to be agreed with your healthcare advisor or physician responsible for the situation. We researched reliability of the information and errors it might contain. We're not liable for any direct, indirect, special or indirect harm as a consequence of using the information on this website and for results of self-treatment.

Theo-24 Cr 400mg

Theo-24 Cr 400mg

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